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We are so glad you have stumbled upon our little Youtube channel and welcome to the Run4Adventure family!

We are a running related Youtube channel featuring informative but fun running kit reviews, capturing epic race day videos, creating inspiring short films about running and lots more...

The channel was started back in 2018 when I thought it would be a great idea to document my prep, training and race day at UTMB – a 104 mile ultra marathon with 10,000m of elevation starting in Chamonix, France and running/hiking around the Mont Blanc mountain range. We loved documenting it so much, the channel was born!

Our mission statement is to try and make quality content for you, guys and girls, at home to inspire you to go on your running journeys and have lots of amazing adventures along the way, just like we do.

So stay safe and keep on running!

About R4A

  • Loyd| Runner & Content Creator |

    Running is so much more than just putting one foot in front of the other for me, like I'm sure it is for a lot of you. Some of my earliest memories are of running as a child, whether it be playing tag with friends in the playground or running a hard 1500m for my school athletics team, I've always wanted to run!

    Well, maybe not always, because there was a big period in my life where the joy of running was taken away from me when I got struck down with pretty severe asthma! I remember it like it was yesterday, running a 800m event for the school team, I was having a great race but with around 300m to go all of a sudden I couldn't catch my breath. I was forced to drop from the race and I really couldn't understand what had just happened - welcome to the world of asthma, Loyd!

    From the age of 12 to when I moved to Cornwall at the age of 31 I suffered with exercise induced asthma and became pretty dependant on my inhaler. But as if my magic when moving to the fresh air of Cornish coast, it just stopped! My lungs started to free up and I didn't need my inhaler any more - it was such a pivital moment in my life, it was like I was 12 years old all over again and I haven't stopped running since!

  • Liga| Fairy Dust Sprinkler |

    “I can’t even run a mile!”

    That's what I told Loyd back in 2012 and genuinely believed that. After his response Of course you can! and a bit of pondering, I entered Race for Life 5k and along with a good friend of mine started following a 0 to 5k training plan. The plan goes like this: you run 1 minute and walk 2 minutes x 5 in one session 3 times a week. The second week you run 2 minutes and walk for 1 minute x 5. I will never forget how long running non-stop for 2 minutes felt! Within one month we slowly built up our fitness and we were absolutely buzzing on the race day! That buzz and being surrounded by inspiring people has lead me to eventually complete mountain marathons and a 100km ultramarathon!

    I'm not fast but I run for adventure and keeping my fitness going has enabled me to do exciting adventures such as running from sea level to 2000m up a volcano in La Palma, run the MCC by UTMB® and run an impromptu 18 miles up and down Vojak followed by jumping in the sea to cool down in Učka Nature Park in Croatia.

    My role at R4A includes designing this website, creating graphics for print and merch, editing videos and enjoying running adventures with Loyd!

  • You| Run4Adventure Family |

    Everybody runs for different reasons but whether you’re running for ambition, fitness, adventure, the feeling of freedom or running to you simply means living more, we are so glad to be a part of your journey!

    Nothing makes us happier than meeting you at races and seeing you complete your first ever trail 10km or when you tell us that our running tips came in handy helping you to cross the finish line of your first ultra marathon.

    Your personal achievements and running adventures inspire us and your positive comments keep reminding us why we started Run4Adventure in the first place. Thank you for being a part of the Run4Adventure Family!


A selection of short films about running produced by Run4Adventure

    The Arc of Attrition is one of the toughest 100 mile winter ultra marathons in the UK. This amazing race takes place on the coast paths of Cornwall and has grown rapidly into a very competitive race that attracts runners from all over the UK and overseas. I was really gutted not to be lining up on the start line this year due to illness, however, it allowed me to get out on the course and capture this incredible event in all its glory.

    The Mudcrew Arc of Attrition is a race that's very close to my heart with it being run on trails that I know so well. Having taken on this challenging 100 mile footrace 4 times before, I was fully aware of what it takes to make it all the way to the finish line in Porthtowan. Training hadn't gone to plan but I did manage to have a few more consistent months as we headed closer to the race. As I lined up on the start line, I was feeling pretty confident that I was mentally and physically prepared for what was to come and this is the story of how my Arc of Attrition 2023 unfolded.
  • TDS | UTMB 2022

    The training miles have been run and the mountains have been hiked so there's only one more thing to do to complete the series - to go racing! Having not raced in the mountains over this kind of distance for a long time, there were definitely some butterflies in my stomach as I lined up on the start line in Courmayeur, Italy. All that stood between us and that iconic finish line in Chamonix was 145km and 9100m of elevation, so how hard can it be...
  • UTMB 2021 RECAP

    What an adventure we had chasing the runners around the Mont Blanc mountain range at this year's race. It may be a mountainous 104 mile ultra race with 10,000 meters of elevation but these guys and girls move really quick!
    We were awake for around 40 hours while filming, we drove lots of miles on some very steep and pretty scary mountain roads but we definitely think it was worth all the effort.

    I feel the re-cap video really highlights this incredibly inspirational event in all its glory so sit back and enjoy the spectacle that is UTMB!

    Steve Wyatt is a very talented Ultra runner from Cornwall. He’s a bit of an enigma, he doesn’t train a lot and he doesn’t race that often but he has a close bond with one of the hardest 100 mile foot races in the UK!

    The Raidlight Arc of Attrition is a super challenging 100 mile coast path race down in Cornwall. It’s run in winter conditions and has a big DNF rate. The race has been run 5 times and Steve has won/joint won 4 of them and finished 2nd in the other! This really is an awesome achievement on such a tough race. We took the cameras along this year for the sixth running of the AoA to follow the Pirate through the race to see if he could be triumphant once again and gain his 5th victory in this grueling winter ultra
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